Stick A Fork in the British Monarchy . . . It’s Done

The royals have no role to play in a post-pandemic world

Queen Elizabeth II

People often say Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s longest reigning monarch, has been “in service” to the British nation her entire life. It is hard to understand exactly how one of the wealthiest women in the world “serves” the people of England.

The privileged lives of the Queen and her family are often on public display, usually during lavish and costly taxpayer-funded celebrations specifically orchestrated to remind her subjects of the importance of maintaining a monarchy. These over-the-top rituals do not serve the interests of the public as much…

While caring for my elderly parents, a well of empathy from the least likely of places

“Let’s see, it will cost about $18,000 to pull the tub out and replace it with a walk-in shower.”

“How much?” my dad barked as the 4th contractor sunk a little lower in his chair. After repeating the quote for the work, my father said, “Get out of here. You’re nothing but a shyster.”

I tried to calm my father and apologize to the contractor as he quickly picked up his clipboard and brochures and headed out the front door.

This was the worst encounter yet. My elderly dad had reached his boiling point, angry at the prospect of altering…

Betrayers of the Constitution

Portraits of Traitors

Back in the early 16th century, the learned lawyer Sir Thomas More proclaimed, “One of the greatest problems of our time is that many are schooled but few are educated.” Unfortunately, veteran Senator Ted Cruz and newly elected Senator Josh Hawley are the poster boys for More’s astute observation.

Cruz graduated from Harvard Law School, and Hawley graduated from Yale Law School, two institutions of higher learning considered among the best in our country. Eleven current and former Supreme Court justices hail from Yale. The venerated Harvard University has been around for so long that several…

Will the meaning of the flag survive the rogue president?

Do Democrats Know Why They Almost Re-elected Donald Trump?

The election is over. Donald Trump lost but will not acknowledge that fact. The 45th president refuses to yield to the 46th. The President has retreated to the White House bunker as he schemes to cause more damage to our country, if that is possible.

The United States was never united and has been broken for a very long time. Egomaniacal members of both parties have so steadily chipped away at the foundation of our country that it finally collapsed under a demagogue named Donald Trump.

It is frightening to view the wreckage after a single election cycle, and there…

How my sister wanted to be a WASP

Villa dei Marchesi, Arce, Italy

I am often asked about my ethnicity. People say, “You look Italian, but there is something else I can’t put my finger on.”

“I’m half Greek,” I answer, usually causing the inquirer to nod in agreement.

I was proud of my heritage growing up and I’m still proud to carry the genes of my ancestors. My Italian grandparents lived right down the street from my childhood home and I spent as much time at their house as I did my own. …

Grieving my father.

When I was young, driving past cemeteries always filled me with angst. It made no sense that the vast grids of marble and granite somehow served to comfort those left behind after death. Whenever I heard about or saw family members visiting gravesites, I would always think it odd that human beings feel close to their departed loved ones by visiting a slab of stone engraved with the name, birth, and death dates of the person who died.

My father died several months ago now, and I visit his grave often. Father’s Day drew me back to…

Mourning the loss of calls with my Mom.

Credit: Upsplash

When I left my parent’s home at age nineteen, I started touching base with my mother every morning. The conversations were never very long. It was just a way to remain connected to a person I loved while attempting to navigate the world away from the parents who brought me up. From college to retirement and through everything in between, that first talk in the morning with my mother had a kind of steadying effect on my life. …

Lena Ciolfi Donley

Lena is a writer, dog lover, and master gardener. She writes about family, politics, and society.

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